Face Exercises – A Lower Face Lift Exercise Targeting Sagging Jowls

I have been looking at face exercises for the jowls. As usual, I need the face exercise to be effective, yet simple enough for anyone to do it at home.

But first, what are jowls?

Jowls form when the cheeks sag. Essentially, jowls are loose hanging skin and facial fat on either side of the face that descend down to or below the jawline.

As we age, the jowls become prominent and sag. This is a common feature of facial aging. Often, you would see people in their 50s with pronounced sagging jowls.

The lower face or lower cheek area is fuller. Jowls create an unflattering rectangle shape jaw line. The lower face can look ‘lumpy’ and soft.

Some people are bothered by the appearance of jowls. They can make one look older and fat in the face.

There are numerous face exercises that target sagging jowls.

Here is one effective lower face lift exercise that I like.

This face exercise work the following muscles:

The platysma is a thin sheet of muscle positioned between the collar bone and the jaw, whose action is to depress the jaw.


Another name for sternomastoid is sternocleidomastoid.
This is one of two muscles located on the front of the neck which serve to turn the head from side to side.


The mentalis is a face muscle located at about the most pronounced part of the chin on each side of the face.


The masseter is a face muscle located in the cheek area on each side of the face.

Lower Face Lift Exercise For Sagging Jowls

1. Sit up straight.
2. Push your jaw forward.
3. Hold for 10 seconds.
4. Draw your jaw inwards (back to its original position).
5. Do a set of 10.

Even though this is a very simple exercise, it is powerful because it works the chin, jaw and neck muscles at the same time. It sculpts and tones the jowls and chin and redefine a smooth jaw line.

Try this face exercise now to get rid of sagging jowls or a double chin.

Tone, firm and lift facial sag with face exercises. Let me know if you have other great jowl exercises to share.

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