Face Exercises To Lift Your Morning Blues

This face exercises video lift my mood.

You see … I am not a morning person. I always need that extra 5 more minutes in bed. And I need motivation to rise and shine … my cup of hot steamy coffee with milk.

But this perky cereal lady change all that. She’s up with the rooster when the sun comes out.

Watch her plump and firm her face muscle to get a natural face lift.

Here are the cereal lady’s face exercises to make you beautiful:

Breakfast Chomp – Firm the cheeks.

Nutty Head Start – Remove the lines around the brow.

Happy Snaps – Firm the muscles around the mouth.

Starry Eyes – Eliminate puffiness around the eyes.

By the way, be gentle. I cringed when I see the street people pulling so hard on their face.

Enjoy the video … put some fun into your morning. But follow the exercises at your own discretion.

If you want to know more about face lift exercises, you can go here: Face Exercises.

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