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Face Exercises – What Jack LaLanne Has To Say About Facial Exercises

I remembered vividly Jack LaLanne and his living-room exercises. But I did not know that he was doing face exercises too!

Jack LaLanne is the “The Godfather Of Fitness”, and America’s well loved fitness and exercise expert since the 1950s.

In the era of black and white TV, he has “The Jack LaLanne Show”. It turned into the longest health and exercise TV show in history, lasting a total of 34 years(1951-1985).

There is a series of Jack LaLanne face exercises on Youtube. I have too many favorites(they are quite amusing with the quirky sound effects). Anyway, I picked these 2 videos for you. They explain the benefits of face exercises and a testimony by Jack himself.

Jack talks about face exercises and the face muscles using Henry Gray’s Anatomy Chart.

Jack replies to the question “Did you have  face lift?”

I think Jack LaLanne looks amazingly youthful at his age. This fitness pioneer breaks all the gender barriers. He is the first fitness expert to inspire women to lift weights during a time when women wear pretty frocks. This makes me wonder, is he the first male trainer that shows people how to do face exercises.

Drop me a line if you know the answer.

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Face Exercises – Some Think It’s A Waste Of Time

Looking Good

Looking Good

Some people believe in face exercises, and some think it’s silly and ineffective.

Which group do you belong to?

Do you say “Yay!” to face exercises?

Or do you shake your head and say “No way”.

I was intrigued by the controversial opinions about face exercise, so I went online to look for some clues.

The sense I got from it all is, there seems to be more kudos than critics on this issue. There are active discussions about face exercise on beauty and fitness boards, where people share facial workout tips and compare results.

Veterans of face exercise shared their personal success stories and encouraged the newcomers to test it out. Of course, there are also posts by people who have tried some form of facial workout, but failed to get the desired results and were disappointed.

Nonetheless, the general atmosphere is a supportive community of people who are passionate about face exercises, who enjoyed doing and talking about it.

It’s kind of hard to brush off the many positive experiences from regular people who tried face exercises and found that it works.

But despite the many “It-Works” testimonials, there are professionals in the medical and beauty industry who claim that face exercises do not work. This made face exercise enthusiasts questioned whether the claim was made based solely on knowledge and theories, rather than facts and findings.

So I guess one way to prove whether these statements against face exercises is true or not, is to test the exercises out yourself.

And before you start, why not look up personal testimonials and find out which type of face exercises people are already doing. Read about their experiences, and learn how they get optimal results with the exercises. This handy information will give you a good start and help you set realistic expectations of what face exercises can achieve.

Another misconception is that face exercises will give you wrinkles. Your facial skin may look crinkle while you are performing certain face exercises, but this doesn’t mean it will create wrinkles.

If you follow the correct instruction, a face exercise should not over stretch your face muscles nor the skin. However, if you have any skin problem(eg. sun-damaged or dry skin), it is advisable to seek the advice of your dermatologist prior to any face exercise.

The purpose of face exercises is to work specific muscles in the face and neck in order to tone and lift target areas as such the cheeks, chin, jaws, lips and brows. These exercises help you to regain muscle tone and reduce sagging facial skin.

I am happy for you if you have seen improvements to your facial appearance with face exercises. On the other hand, if you have tried but see little or no results, then perhaps you might want to consider a few things here.

  • Are you doing the right face exercise for your needs?
  • Are you doing the exercise correctly?
  • Do you exercise as frequently as required?
  • Some face exercise programs come with a special diet plan for optimal results. Are you following the meal planner?
  • Did you give it reasonable time for results to show? It can take a few weeks to a couple of months before you see noticeable improvements.

I would leave it to you to decide whether face exercises really work or not. For those of you who had seen improvements to your facial contour and skin tone, I know you are now grinning from ear to ear.

Image Credit: House Of Sims

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Face Exercises – Workout Your Face To Better Skin

If you do face exercises, the first improvement you notice would probably be your skin.

You would see a pink glow to your complexion. And overtime, the skin looks fresher and feel more supple.

Radiant Complexion

Radiant Complexion

Here are the key benefits of face exercises for your skin.

  • Improve blood circulation around the face, neck and scalp
  • Adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells
  • Prevent premature break down of collagen and elastin
  • Promote skin cells renewal and exfoliation, revealing healthy skin
  • Healthy skin absorbs and retains moisture better, staying hydrated
  • Skin looks supple with a radiant glow
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage and detox
  • Skin looks clearer
  • Release tension and stress in the face
  • When you feel relax, you don’t frown as much(causing frown lines)
  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

Hmmm … Some of you might think, these results sound pretty familiar. You get the same results when you go for a facial at the beauty salon.

Absolutely. However, face exercises give you the added benefit of toning your face muscles. Your skin sits on top of the facial muscles. Toned and firm muscles provide a smooth cushion for your skin, reducing the appearance of sagging skin.

Some people are not keen to take up face exercises because it does not give results right away. That is true if you compare exercises to, say, laser skin treatment or chemical peels.

But cosmetic procedures only provide temporary relief to your problem. It does not help to prevent the natural process of aging.

Your face muscles will continue the downward slide as time goes by. And the saggy skin and wrinkles will return. You would need repeated procedures to maintain your youthful, fresh look.

Honestly, we cannot completely stop the aging process. Nevertheless, face exercises can help to prevent premature aging due to face muscles atrophy and muscles slack, and improve the skin tone. It is a proactive way to looking younger and aging gracefully.

As long as you continue with your face workout, you are helping to increase the tone and strength of your face muscles, and this improves your appearance.

If you are looking for a non-invasive method to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or just want to improve tone and texture of your skin, try exercises for the face.

In the beginning, do face exercises daily to get the best results. It really can be a valuable alternative to laser skin rejuvenation treatments and chemical peels.

Image Credit: AJoelle xo

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