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Facial Toning Exercises For The Cheeks And Lips

Kiss me here

Kiss me here

Doing facial toning exercises can help improve your looks(and make you more kissable).

Just think for a second, which part of the face would you choose to plant a kiss?

Most people would go for the cheeks or the lips.

But what if you have flabby cheeks? Or droopy mouth corners that turn downwards?

No worries. Face exercises can help revive your looks.

As you all know, toned and firm cheeks is the symbol of youth. And a mouth corner lift will make you more attractive because you now look relaxed and happy.

However, facial muscles are prone to sagging if they are not exercised enough. The face muscles lose their tone and strength with age and the constant pull of gravity.

In addition, unhealthy lifestyle habits can also make you look old prematurely. Eating poorly, lack of sleep and rest, indulging in alcohol or smoking, would take a toll on your health and appearance.

In order to maintain healthy skin and muscles, you do need to provide adequate nourishment for your body to rebuild and rejuvenate.

This is the reason why you get the best results when you combine good skin care and a sensible diet with your facial exercises.

Whilst you cannot escape Newton’s Law of Gravity, you can certainly slow down the aging process right now.

To reverse the downward facial sag in the cheeks and mouth corners, you would have to firm up your facial muscles. This can be achieved via face exercises.

Your goal is to regain muscle tone and natural firmness to your face muscles.

But why do I choose to target the cheeks and lips?

That’s because flabby cheeks and droopy mouth corners are pretty common with advancing age. It happens naturally.

However, by toning and firming the cheeks and lips area, you can dramatically improve your looks.

Here are three simple facial toning exercises to help firm your cheeks and lips. Perform the exercises daily.

Face Exercise 1

1. Inflate both of your cheeks with air.
2. Move the air from one cheek to the other.
3. Keep doing this until you are out of breath.
4. Do a set of 5.

Face Exercise 2

1. Gently smile and lift up the corners of your mouth.
2. Keep the eyes and other muscles of the face relaxed as you smile.
3. Hold the smile for 10 seconds.
4. Do a set of 5.

Face Exercise 3

1. Purse your lips slightly and smile.
2. Imagine you are a fish smiling.
3. Suck your cheeks into the hollows of your face.
4. Hold this position for 5 seconds.
5. Do a set of 5.

Did I say it was easy? I like to keep my face workout simple and effective.

These work for both gals and guys.

You can learn more about facial toning and how to improve your looks with face exercises and a sensible diet here: Facial Toning Exercises.

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Face Exercises – Women Are Turning To Facial Exercises To Stay Beautiful

Face exercises belle

Face exercises belle

What can face exercises really do for your face?

Plenty… provided you do the right facial exercises consistently.

For women, our facial appearance changes noticeably in our 30s and 40s. The skin loses its suppleness, the high cheekbones is less defined, and the apple of the cheek (oops where did it go?).

If you are observant, you would notice that the first signs of aging often show up in the face and neck area? Fine lines appear on the face and “rings” around the neck.

The cheeks slide down. Face feels a little flabby. The facial contour is fuller. You see jowls. And for some, a double chin.

Most of us take good care of our skin. We have a daily regime to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and provide sun protection.

But what about the facial muscles? We hardly pay any attention to these working muscles.

You see, in order to maintain a youthful looking face, you require a combination of healthy skin and toned facial muscles.

If one or the other is not in good shape, you might end up looking older or haggard.

Here’s where face exercises come in.

Take a look at these benefits and you’ll know why more women are doing facial exercises to stay beautiful.

Radiant Complexion

Your skin is revitalized. This is the first thing you would notice when you begin your face exercises. The blood circulation to the face improves during a facial exercise compared to when the facial muscles are at rest.

This promotes the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the facial tissues and aids skin cell renewal. Face exercises also stimulate lymph drainage which helps facial tissue detox.

With facial exercises, your skin looks healthier with a radiant glow.

Tone And Lift Facial Muscles

The face and neck area has 57 muscles. Facial muscles are small compared to other muscles in the body. But you can still exercise the face muscles to get them back in shape.

Toned muscles are firm to the touch and give a up lifting appearance. Face muscles that have not been exercised enough tend to be flaccid and sags.

With facial exercise the muscles and skin lift, tone and tighten restoring the face. The sagging face syndrome and wrinkles becomes less apparent.

Lose Face Fat

Are you trying to get a “slimmer” face?

One misconception is that you have to lose overall body weight to lose face fat.

Not true. Especially for individuals who have a healthy body weight or are already slender.

There are some amongst us who workout, have a toned shapely body, but still have a chubby looking face.

It is possible to make a puffy round face look slimmer through face exercises and the proper nutritional plan.

This approach also works if you are trying to get rid of a double chin, chubby cheeks or jowls.

You would want to go for toning, strengthening and sculpting exercises that target your facial problem zones to attain a more desirable facial contour.

Thus, to have a beautiful face, you want to take good care of both your skin and the facial muscles.

If you want to improve how you look, you might want to start by doing some facial toning exercises.

In fact, I find that you get to look better and better if you do the right face exercises consistently.

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Lose Face Fat – For Both Thin And Overweight People

Are you looking for ways to lose some face fat?

I used to think that people develop a double chin as a result of being overweight.

But that is only half the truth.

In fact, people who have normal weight, or even fairly thin individuals can still end up with a double chin.

Here’s a video to show you “How to lose a double chin”.

Get some practical tips on how to lose face fat from Christine Marquette, a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic.

Face Exercises And Healthy Diet To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

How to Lose a Double Chin — powered by

Face Exercises To Strengthen The Neck And Jaw

Face Exercise 1
1. Tilt your head backward (until you feel tension at the bottom of the chin and neck).
2. Move the head back to the normal position.
3. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

Face Exercise 2
1. Open your mouth as wide as you can.
2. Tilt your head backward (feel the tension along the jawline, and under the neck and chin).
3. Move the head back to the normal position.
4. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

Christine also recommends a healthy diet that includes: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, some healthy fats and to drink plenty of water.

The most effective way to lose face fat is to do a combination of face exercises and to eat healthy.

And if you are overweight, you also want to reduce your overall body weight.

I know it’s kind of hard to figure out the proper diet and the right type of face exercises to do all by yourself.

Here’s a step-by-step program you can follow to get rid of a double chin. You get to know what to eat and what face exercises to do instantly.

Read more: Lose Face Fat.

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Face Exercises – How To Prevent And Get Rid Of A Double Chin?

Are there face exercises for a double chin?

Yes … luckily.

Double chin is a pretty common problem. It creeps up quietly on us.

You barely notice it in the beginning.

First, the chin just seems to have blended in with the neck.

And then, the flat under-chin area develops the flab. You notice a “second” chin.

How did that happen?

Well, double chins can develop overtime.

Here are a few possible causes:
1. Hereditary
2. Fluid retention
3. Weight problem
4. Dietary choices

There are numerous face exercises that target double chin.

Here is one simple face exercise that I like.

This face exercise works the following muscles:

The mentalis is a face muscle located at about the most pronounced part of the chin on each side of the face.

The platysma is a thin sheet of muscle positioned between the collar bone and the jaw, whose action is to depress the jaw.

Another name for sternomastoid is sternocleidomastoid.
This is one of two muscles located on the front of the neck which serve to turn the head from side to side.

The masseter is a face muscle located in the cheek area on each side of the face.

Face Exercise To Get Rid Of Double Chin

<a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/');" href="">LinkedTube</a>

1. Stretch out your neck as far behind as it will go.

2. Open and close your mouth slowly.

4. Feel the tension build up in the muscles of the neck and lower chin.

3. Repeat this exercise 10 times.


Tilting the head backwards can be rather uncomfortable.

Here’s what I do to make this exercise easier.

a) Remain seated during the exercise.

b) Support your head with your hands placed behind the head.

c) Close your eyes during the exercise.

The above face exercise works for double chin and also helps to tone sagging jowls.

This exercise adds definition to your jaw line too.

You can also do this facial workout to prevent having a double chin.

What are your favorite face exercises to get rid of a double chin? Share your workout tips with us.

Go here to get more face exercises info: Face Exercise Video.

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Face Exercises – Why Doing Just One Facial Exercise May Not Be Enough

What face exercises are you doing?

What face exercises are you doing?

I have been thinking about the face exercises videos that I’ve up on YouTube lately. Some of you might have already viewed those videos here on my blog.

By all means, these workout demos, “Lose Your Chubby Cheeks” and “Lift Your Sagging Jowls” are simple and effective face exercises you can all do at home.

However, a nagging thought bugs me.

What if my readers think that by following ONE face exercise exactly 100%, they could fix the problem there and then.

No. That would be misleading the readers.

So I have decided to put things in the right perspective. Hear me ramble.

Those face exercises are indeed the proper facial workout people are doing to lose chubbiness or to lift saggy jowls.

However, it is NOT the only ONE face exercise required of you.

Why do I need more face exercises?

Because each face exercise serves a different purpose(s).

For example, Face Exercise 1 helps to relax and release muscle tension. Face Exercise 2 works to tone and lift the face muscles. And Face Exercise 3 serves to build and strengthen the facial muscles.

The muscles in the face benefit from a variety of workouts. Each part of the face, whether it’s the cheek muscles or the jaw muscles require different forms of muscular stimulation to get it in top shape.

Also, in reality, the face area isn’t that big. The face is just about the length of an out-stretch palm. Hence the face muscles are small, unlike the body muscles.

As such, even with a face exercise that target specific sets of facial muscles, it is not exact science to be able to isolate one set of muscles from another set of neighboring muscles. And there are times when you want to work several sets of muscle groups simultaneously.

For instance, you want to lift sagging jowls. Your focus is on doing jowls exercise. But don’t forget, the cheeks are the jowls’ up-stair neighbor. You have to work the cheeks too.

Otherwise, when flabby cheeks slide downwards, the jowls become more pronounced.

That’s why we always have more than one exercise to address a problem area of the face.

Would doing a single face exercise be in vain?

Certainly not. Your efforts still pays off. Every exercise brings some benefits.

Whenever you exercise the face, it stimulates blood circulation and detox of the face. Muscles activity remove toxins and brings much needed oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

You also improve muscle tone to a problem area.

Often, this is one of the first steps you need to do when planning to slim the face or to improve the facial contour.

What should I do next?

If you are after a toned face and radiant skin, you should exercise the face so that you work all the muscle groups of the face. You want balance and symmetry when you workout the facial muscles.

The face needs “maintenance” as we age. Double chin, jowls, wrinkles … all areas of the face will be a concern to you. Sooner or later, the face will need your attention to help lift or tuck.

You can now learn the face exercises others are doing to get the face in shape.

Get your face exercises info here: Face Exercise Video.

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