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Facial Wrinkle – Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum with Mandelic Acid Review

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Facial wrinkle can make you look older than your actual age. These wrinkles are most obvious when you climb out of bed in the morning.

And if you have one of those magnifying mirror in the bathroom, I suggest you turn it over. No need to magnify the facial flaws. It can be disheartening. A regular mirror is more forgiving.

But, wouldn’t it be nice to turn back the clock?

Er … I don’t mean climbing back into bed to continue the snooze.

I mean, what if we can take years from your face, and make you look fresher, and younger.

Hence, I went online looking for anti wrinkle solutions. There are plenty. But this one stands out from the crowd.

Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum with Mandelic Acid.

The Transforming Serum claims to be able to reduce the appearance of deep lines and facial wrinkle. The key active ingredient, mandelic acid, has anti-aging properties, which helps to diminish and prevent signs of aging.

Who made the Transforming Serum?

The anti facial wrinkle serum was created by a renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr Stanley Jacobs.
Now, I’m not the type of gal who’d check in to a clinic to make my face beautiful.

However, I like finding out about skin care products made by a skin doctor or plastic surgeon. They are the people who know a great deal about human skin and the facial anatomy. And the exclusive formula combined with advanced technology often makes me do a second take.

Moreover, this serum is said to have come from an ancient Egyptian recipe for youthful looking skin.

What are the ingredients found in Transforming Serum?

The serum has a combination of organic and lab-synthesized ingredients. Here are a few examples of the ingredients you can find in the bottle.

  • Mandelic acid – Has anti aging and anti bacterial properties

  • Resveratol – A potent anti oxidant

  • Glucosamine – Improves skin textures

  • Plant ceramides – Forms a natural protective barrier on the skin. Helps retain moisture and promote skin hydration.

What is mandelic acid?

Mandelic acid is an AHA(alpha hydroxy acid) with unique anti aging and anti bacterial properties.

The mandelic acid molecule is larger than a glycolic acid molecule. This means, it penetrates the skin slowly, with less irritations, and longer sustained benefits.

Using a skin care product that contains mandelic acid can delay the onset of wrinkles and help diminish the appearance of deep lines and fines lines in the skin.

Benefits of Transforming Serum:

  • Promotes skin elasticity, and skin firmness.

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles on the face, around the eyes, and on the neck.

  • Diminishes skin pigmentation.

  • Achieves radiant, youthful looking skin.

  • Reduces acne breakouts by neutralizing acne bacteria.

The Good

It is suitable for all skin type. For dry skin, the moisture restorative properties will help keep your skin supple. For oily skin prone to breakouts, the anti bacterial property, neutralizes acne bacteria.

Human skin is “viscous” – a living form of elastic that degenerates with time. The serum is able to improve the visco-elasiticy of facial skin, which is a vital factor for youthful looking skin.

It is gentle to the skin. The mandelic acid works without causing skin irritations. A product that has glycolic or retinoic acids can cause skin irritations at times.

You can apply it around the eye area, and eyelids as well. Careful not to get the serum in the eyes as it will sting.

You can use Transforming Serum with your favorite skin care products. No need to spend more money to overhaul your skin care regimen.

Buy the anti facial wrinkle Transforming Serum on Amazon, with free shipping through this link here

The Bad

It can be pricey for those on a budget. But you only need to apply the serum twice daily. A small amount(1 or 2 pumps) of serum is used per application.

Who is it for?

This serum is suitable for people who wants:

  • To reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles on the face, around the eye area, and on the neck

  • Healthy, youthful looking skin

  • To prevent early signs of facial aging

  • To lighten skin pigmentation

  • To reduce acne breakouts.

Here’s what some customers are saying.

Evelyn says

My skin just keeps on getting better and better. My crows feet have diminished and the skin under my eyes is significantly tightened. People keep telling me how great I look.

Read original review here.

Joni says

This is a stellar serum! The best part is that I have seen quite a dramatic change in my fine lines and wrinkles on my face. The texture of my skin appears and feels healthier. People have commented on the healthy glow that I have.

Read original review here.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum with Mandelic Acid on Amazon. Get it with free shipping through this link here.

If you need help with facial wrinkles, get Transforming Serum. It might just be right for you!

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Face Exercises – Some Think It’s A Waste Of Time

Looking Good

Looking Good

Some people believe in face exercises, and some think it’s silly and ineffective.

Which group do you belong to?

Do you say “Yay!” to face exercises?

Or do you shake your head and say “No way”.

I was intrigued by the controversial opinions about face exercise, so I went online to look for some clues.

The sense I got from it all is, there seems to be more kudos than critics on this issue. There are active discussions about face exercise on beauty and fitness boards, where people share facial workout tips and compare results.

Veterans of face exercise shared their personal success stories and encouraged the newcomers to test it out. Of course, there are also posts by people who have tried some form of facial workout, but failed to get the desired results and were disappointed.

Nonetheless, the general atmosphere is a supportive community of people who are passionate about face exercises, who enjoyed doing and talking about it.

It’s kind of hard to brush off the many positive experiences from regular people who tried face exercises and found that it works.

But despite the many “It-Works” testimonials, there are professionals in the medical and beauty industry who claim that face exercises do not work. This made face exercise enthusiasts questioned whether the claim was made based solely on knowledge and theories, rather than facts and findings.

So I guess one way to prove whether these statements against face exercises is true or not, is to test the exercises out yourself.

And before you start, why not look up personal testimonials and find out which type of face exercises people are already doing. Read about their experiences, and learn how they get optimal results with the exercises. This handy information will give you a good start and help you set realistic expectations of what face exercises can achieve.

Another misconception is that face exercises will give you wrinkles. Your facial skin may look crinkle while you are performing certain face exercises, but this doesn’t mean it will create wrinkles.

If you follow the correct instruction, a face exercise should not over stretch your face muscles nor the skin. However, if you have any skin problem(eg. sun-damaged or dry skin), it is advisable to seek the advice of your dermatologist prior to any face exercise.

The purpose of face exercises is to work specific muscles in the face and neck in order to tone and lift target areas as such the cheeks, chin, jaws, lips and brows. These exercises help you to regain muscle tone and reduce sagging facial skin.

I am happy for you if you have seen improvements to your facial appearance with face exercises. On the other hand, if you have tried but see little or no results, then perhaps you might want to consider a few things here.

  • Are you doing the right face exercise for your needs?
  • Are you doing the exercise correctly?
  • Do you exercise as frequently as required?
  • Some face exercise programs come with a special diet plan for optimal results. Are you following the meal planner?
  • Did you give it reasonable time for results to show? It can take a few weeks to a couple of months before you see noticeable improvements.

I would leave it to you to decide whether face exercises really work or not. For those of you who had seen improvements to your facial contour and skin tone, I know you are now grinning from ear to ear.

Image Credit: House Of Sims

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