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Face Cheek – Being Chubby In The Wrong Place?

Do you have a chubby face cheek problem? Some people go to great length to get rid of chubby cheeks. They felt that their cheeks make them look fat and juvenile. And if you enjoy taking photos, close-up shots of yourself with friends, chubby cheeks can turn up pretty unforgiving in print … you’ll know what I mean.

Here is an example of a face exercise that help you lose face fat. The purpose of the exercise is to sculpt your chubby cheeks and stretch your facial muscles and contour. This face exercise  helps you to lose the stubborn face fat.

Face Cheek Fat Flattener

1. Close your mouth.

2. Blow air under your top lip, puff it out
(Your mouth remain closed. You are NOT blowing out air)

3. Hold for 10 seconds.

4. Move the air to the left cheek.
5. Hold for 10 seconds.
6. Move the air to the right cheek.
7. Hold for 10 seconds.
8. Do a set of 10.

Note: In the video, top lip refers to the moustache area.

You might need a little time to get used to the puffing action … especially the top lip part. But, it gets easier with practice. Try the face cheek exercise to give yourself beautiful toned cheeks. Have fun.

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