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Face Exercise Or Sugar – Which One Gives You Wrinkles?

Why wrinkles?

Why wrinkles?

Let me paraphrase the question and ask again.

Which one of the two is going to give you wrinkles: Face exercise or sugar?


OK. The answer is sugar.

I asked this question because many people shy away from doing face exercises. They think that a face workout will result in more wrinkles and fine lines.

And I don’t blame them. Not everyone is familiar with exercising the facial muscles. Most exercises we are used to, starts from the neck down.

Rest assured. Proper face exercise, when done correctly, should not add more wrinkles to your face. I have previously blog about how to get optimized results from your face exercise. You can read the tips, including how to prep your face before an exercise session here: Face Exercises – Tips To Get Optimal Results (Part 1).

Another frequently asked question is why some face fitness program require you to follow a dietary plan. Well, it is useful, especially if you want to lose the facial fat. But do not be mistaken. It is not the typical lose-weight-fast diet. Instead, it is a dietary plan to help you make the right food choices.

If you read about skin foods, you would know there are certain foods we eat which benefits the skin. And foods that are detrimental to having a healthy, youthful complexion.

This is good to know, particularly if your goal for doing face exercise is to minimize wrinkles, and have a younger looking face.

This bring us back to SUGAR. I did say sugar gives you wrinkles.

So, why is sugar bad for the skin?

Because refined sugars age the skin through the natural process of glycation.

What is glycation?

In simple terms, when sugar molecules attach to protein molecules, it forms new, harmful molecules called AGEs(advanced glycation end-products).

The more sugar you eat, the more AGEs you develop. And accumulates in your body.

AGEs damages other protein molecules, particularly collagen and elastin, the protein fibers that lends firmness and suppleness to your skin. As a result, wrinkles form and the skin begins to sag.

Hence, the more sugar you consumed, the faster your skin is damaged, and it will show signs of early aging.

How will my skin look if I eat too much sugar?

The signs are similar to premature aging skin:

  • dull skin tone
  • dryness
  • vulnerable to sun damage
  • saggy skin
  • wrinkles

How much sugar should I eat a day?

The 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends no more than 8 teaspoons per day of added sugar based on a 2,000 calories/day diet.

This works out to be 10% of total daily calories. One teaspoon of sugar ~ 25 calories.

Remember, the quota of 8 teaspoons includes sugar that are hidden in foods and drinks, and also sugar you add to your food and beverage at the table.

Many people are eating way too much (hidden)sugar.

If you are worried about getting wrinkles on your face, you should moderate your sugar intake. Those of you who have a sweet tooth, need to take control to prevent sugar-damaged skin.

Check out this face exercise program to help you minimize upper face wrinkles

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