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Facial Toning Exercises For The Cheeks And Lips

Kiss me here

Kiss me here

Doing facial toning exercises can help improve your looks(and make you more kissable).

Just think for a second, which part of the face would you choose to plant a kiss?

Most people would go for the cheeks or the lips.

But what if you have flabby cheeks? Or droopy mouth corners that turn downwards?

No worries. Face exercises can help revive your looks.

As you all know, toned and firm cheeks is the symbol of youth. And a mouth corner lift will make you more attractive because you now look relaxed and happy.

However, facial muscles are prone to sagging if they are not exercised enough. The face muscles lose their tone and strength with age and the constant pull of gravity.

In addition, unhealthy lifestyle habits can also make you look old prematurely. Eating poorly, lack of sleep and rest, indulging in alcohol or smoking, would take a toll on your health and appearance.

In order to maintain healthy skin and muscles, you do need to provide adequate nourishment for your body to rebuild and rejuvenate.

This is the reason why you get the best results when you combine good skin care and a sensible diet with your facial exercises.

Whilst you cannot escape Newton’s Law of Gravity, you can certainly slow down the aging process right now.

To reverse the downward facial sag in the cheeks and mouth corners, you would have to firm up your facial muscles. This can be achieved via face exercises.

Your goal is to regain muscle tone and natural firmness to your face muscles.

But why do I choose to target the cheeks and lips?

That’s because flabby cheeks and droopy mouth corners are pretty common with advancing age. It happens naturally.

However, by toning and firming the cheeks and lips area, you can dramatically improve your looks.

Here are three simple facial toning exercises to help firm your cheeks and lips. Perform the exercises daily.

Face Exercise 1

1. Inflate both of your cheeks with air.
2. Move the air from one cheek to the other.
3. Keep doing this until you are out of breath.
4. Do a set of 5.

Face Exercise 2

1. Gently smile and lift up the corners of your mouth.
2. Keep the eyes and other muscles of the face relaxed as you smile.
3. Hold the smile for 10 seconds.
4. Do a set of 5.

Face Exercise 3

1. Purse your lips slightly and smile.
2. Imagine you are a fish smiling.
3. Suck your cheeks into the hollows of your face.
4. Hold this position for 5 seconds.
5. Do a set of 5.

Did I say it was easy? I like to keep my face workout simple and effective.

These work for both gals and guys.

You can learn more about facial toning and how to improve your looks with face exercises and a sensible diet here: Facial Toning Exercises.

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Face Exercises – Do You Want A Natural And Painless Face Lift?

Face exercises or cosmetic surgery?

Face exercises or cosmetic surgery?

Would you choose face exercises if it can help you get a ‘face-lift’ without pain?

I know, I can almost hear you say, “But doing face exercises is a pain”.

Isn’t that true. For some of us, any type of exercise is a chore … or torture.

But are there better options? How can you have a toned, younger looking face without having to go for cosmetic surgery or botox injections.

A surgical face-lift can create dramatic improvements in your appearance. On the other hand, face exercises  may take a longer time to show results. When doing face exercises, you first feel the difference(in your face muscles) before you can see the difference.

And when you continue to do the face workout regularly, other people will start to notice the difference in your facial appearance.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to choose face exercises over cosmetic surgery:

1. You want to look your best. But you are not keen about cosmetic surgery.

2. You do not want to spend a lot of money.

3. You have thought of cosmetic surgery and botox. However, to maintain the good looks, you might need additional procedures in the future. And this puts you off.

4. Face exercises give your skin a healthy radiant glow. A surgical face-lift doesn’t get you such result.

5. You prefer a holistic or alternative approach to beauty and fitness.

If this is the first time you hear about face exercises, why not give it a try and see if it works for you.

It could be a good thing to do before you take the extreme leap to undergo a cosmetic or surgical procedure.

For some people, doing face exercises is the way to go. It takes a little more effort and time. But the results might just be enough to make you realize, you don’t need a surgical face-lift after all.

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