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Lose Face Fat – 5 Simple Eating Tips To Help You Feel And Look Better

I know some of you are trying to lose face fat.

Maybe you want to get rid of a double chin or chubby cheeks.

And you want a “slimmer” face.

Well, healthy eating habits play an important role when you’re trying to lose excess facial fat.

In this video, Bob Greene, a fitness and diet guru will show you 5 simple eating tips.

BTW, Bob is Oprah’s personal trainer. Does that arouse your curiosity?

Watch the video. Or read the text below.

Five Simple Eating Tips

1. Have A Eating Cut-Off Time

Cut off eating 2-3 hours before bed time.

2. Eat A Nourishing Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal.
People who have breakfast eat fewer calories throughout the day.

3. Drink Six 8-Ounce Glasses Of Water Daily

Your exercises will be more effective because you are fully hydrated.
Fat metabolism is more effective when you are fully hydrated.

(I go by the 8 x 8 rule. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water)

4. Eliminate 6 Problem Foods

Soft Drinks — Contain empty calories.

Trans fat — Also known as partially hydrogenated fat

Fried foods — (eg French fries, fried chicken, chips and all other deep-fried foods)

White bread — Mostly empty calories. Eat wholewheat or wholegrain bread instead.

Alcohol — Slows the metabolism. Is high in calories. Alcohol is absorbed quickly in the stomach which leaves room for more food intake because you do not feel the fullness.

High fat milk/yogurt — A healthier alternative is 1% or skim milk. And eat low-fat yogurt.

5. Make Eating A Conscious Act

Avoid eating between meals(eg snacking while watching TV)

I hope this five simple eating tips is helpful to you.

Knowing how to plan your meals will help you achieve your goal of losing facial fat more effectively.

To learn more about healthy meal plans, and how to lose face fat, visit the website: Face Fitness Formula

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FAQ For Face Exercise Video – Lose Your Chubby Cheeks

Get the 30-day face exercise program here

I have this face exercise video on Youtube that has over 125,000 views.

I enjoy reading the comments posted by visitors and I try my best to answer each question. But the thing about Youtube is that it has a maximum limit of 500 characters allow. And older comments disappear from the first page unless you click on view all comments.

So I often found myself replying to similar questions again and again.

Not that I mind, but I think I might sound like a broken record to my subscribers.

Hence, I have compiled a list of the most FAQs about this video, Face Exercises – Lose Your Chubby Cheeks.

I hope this helps.

Q1. How do you do this face exercise? I don’t understand the video instruction.

The steps are:
1. Close your mouth.
2. Puff out your top lip.
3. Hold for 10 seconds.
4. Move the air to the left cheek.
5. Hold for 10 seconds.
6. Move the air to the right cheek.
7. Hold for 10 seconds.
8. Do a set of 10.

In the video, “Top lip” refers to the area where men grow a moustache.

Q2. I feel like this is going to just stretch out my cheeks rather than remove facial fat.

Yes. This face exercise will help to stretch the facial muscles and more.

“Puffing up” the cheeks might seem contradictory to having a leaner face.
However, this action actually helps to stretch and elongate the facial muscles and contours.

In addition, alternating contraction and relaxation of the facial muscles helps to tone and strengthen the cheek muscles.
With consistent effort, your face will look leaner without the flab.

Q3. How does this help you lose face fat?

Face fat or chubby cheeks is caused by a number of reasons.
Check out this blog post: Face Cheek – 4 Reasons Why You Might Have Chubby Cheeks

To help get rid of chubby cheeks, we use a combination of face exercises, dietary guides, and lifestyle changes.

This means a specialized nutrition plan to help you lose face fat, and face exercises to help you tone your facial muscles, giving you more definition. The result is a leaner, more attractive facial contour.

Get the 30-day face exercise program here

Q4. I am slender but I have chubby cheeks. How can this program help me lose my chubby cheeks?

It can happen. Slender people can develop chubby cheeks or a double chin. A proper nutritional plan and face exercises will help get rid of the chubby cheeks and excess facial fat.

Read more: Lose Face Fat – What Causes A Fat Face?

Q5. Do you do this face exercise everyday?

For a start, you can do this exercise for a week or two.

This face exercise video is part of a 30-day face fitness program.
In the program, you do a selection of 5 or more different face exercises each day. Each session takes about 15 mins.

You want to do a variety of face exercises in order to work different muscle groups in the face and neck.
A complete face workout gives you more satisfactory results.

Q6. Do you mean doing one face exercise is pointless?

A proper face exercise has its benefits. However, to get optimal results, one usually need to combine a series of face exercises with a healthy diet.

We do not recommend doing just one single exercise all the time.
Read more about it here: Why Doing Just One Facial Exercise May Not Be Enough

Get the 30-day face exercise program here

Q7. How long does it take to get results?

The time required to see results varies with each individual.

This video is part of a 30-Day face fitness program.
We had users with positive results upon completion of the program.
There are also others who required more time before they see noticeable improvements.

Initially, you will feel improved tone and firmness in the face muscles.
Overtime, it adds definition to the cheeks. And this gives the appearance of a leaner looking face.

Q8. What is the 30-day face fitness program? And what do I do upon completion of the program?

The program consists of 4 weekly modules.
You begin with Detox, Revitalize, Strengthen, and then Sculpting.
Face exercises and dietary plans are based on each core module.

After the program, when you have achieved the results you desire, you continue with the exercises 3-4 times a week to maintain facial fitness.

Q9. Does it work?

This program came about because a former model wanted to get rid of his facial fat and look more photogenic in fashion shoots. When he finally succeeded in losing his chubbiness, he helps other gals and guys do the same offline. And now, we have Face Fitness Formula, a program for people who wants to look younger and more attractive through facial fitness.

Read customers’ reviews here: Does it work?

These are the most frequently asked questions about the video and the 30-day face fitness program. Feel free to add any questions you might have in the comment section.

I hope this FAQ helps you find the answer to your question quickly.

Get the 30-day face exercise program here

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Lose Face Fat – 7 Steps To Healthy Eating Habits

Trying to lose face fat can be a daunting task for some people.


Because it sounds like an impossible mission to stick with a healthy diet.

You’re not sure what foods you should eat. And foods to avoid.

How much to eat to meet your daily nutritional requirements?

Well, I would suggest that you keep things simple in the beginning.

You don’t need to know everything before you get started.

The video shows how you can develop healthy eating habits in 7 steps.

If 7 steps are still too much to do, then just pick a couple to start with.

Want to know what I’m already doing on the list?

I eat breakfast, drink plenty of water, and cook my own meals when I’m at home.

Cooking is fun when you have a meal plan guide with quick, easy healthy recipes to follow.

Knowing the right foods to eat will help get you better results while trying to lose face fat.

Eat well everyone!

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Eat A Healthy Breakfast Whilst Trying To Lose Face Fat

Hey guys and gals!

You all probably know that to lose face fat, you need to do face exercises and eat right.

A healthy breakfast will help kick start your day, and make you breeze into the office feeling cheery.

But what foods should you eat when you are trying to cut down on calories to lose the facial bulk?

No worries. Let me show you.

Your breakfast is ready … enjoy!

Remember, you want to follow a healthy, well-balanced diet when attempting to lose facial fat.

You too can look healthy and radiant with a little effort. Learn how you can have a lean, youthful looking face here: Lose Face Fat.

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Face Exercises – Women Are Turning To Facial Exercises To Stay Beautiful

Face exercises belle

Face exercises belle

What can face exercises really do for your face?

Plenty… provided you do the right facial exercises consistently.

For women, our facial appearance changes noticeably in our 30s and 40s. The skin loses its suppleness, the high cheekbones is less defined, and the apple of the cheek (oops where did it go?).

If you are observant, you would notice that the first signs of aging often show up in the face and neck area? Fine lines appear on the face and “rings” around the neck.

The cheeks slide down. Face feels a little flabby. The facial contour is fuller. You see jowls. And for some, a double chin.

Most of us take good care of our skin. We have a daily regime to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and provide sun protection.

But what about the facial muscles? We hardly pay any attention to these working muscles.

You see, in order to maintain a youthful looking face, you require a combination of healthy skin and toned facial muscles.

If one or the other is not in good shape, you might end up looking older or haggard.

Here’s where face exercises come in.

Take a look at these benefits and you’ll know why more women are doing facial exercises to stay beautiful.

Radiant Complexion

Your skin is revitalized. This is the first thing you would notice when you begin your face exercises. The blood circulation to the face improves during a facial exercise compared to when the facial muscles are at rest.

This promotes the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the facial tissues and aids skin cell renewal. Face exercises also stimulate lymph drainage which helps facial tissue detox.

With facial exercises, your skin looks healthier with a radiant glow.

Tone And Lift Facial Muscles

The face and neck area has 57 muscles. Facial muscles are small compared to other muscles in the body. But you can still exercise the face muscles to get them back in shape.

Toned muscles are firm to the touch and give a up lifting appearance. Face muscles that have not been exercised enough tend to be flaccid and sags.

With facial exercise the muscles and skin lift, tone and tighten restoring the face. The sagging face syndrome and wrinkles becomes less apparent.

Lose Face Fat

Are you trying to get a “slimmer” face?

One misconception is that you have to lose overall body weight to lose face fat.

Not true. Especially for individuals who have a healthy body weight or are already slender.

There are some amongst us who workout, have a toned shapely body, but still have a chubby looking face.

It is possible to make a puffy round face look slimmer through face exercises and the proper nutritional plan.

This approach also works if you are trying to get rid of a double chin, chubby cheeks or jowls.

You would want to go for toning, strengthening and sculpting exercises that target your facial problem zones to attain a more desirable facial contour.

Thus, to have a beautiful face, you want to take good care of both your skin and the facial muscles.

If you want to improve how you look, you might want to start by doing some facial toning exercises.

In fact, I find that you get to look better and better if you do the right face exercises consistently.

Image Credit: Perrush

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